Closet Challenge. Lace and Lines.

Going through my closet this morning, I stumbled upon this lace skirt that I must have bought about 2 years ago. Still had the tags on it. I was about to pass on it, as I have for the past two years, but then I stopped and accepted my next closet challenge: My new with tags, red lace skirt.

I had no idea where to start, but I knew I was going to need tights. So I began digging in my drawer only to find red tights that were still in the package. I also must have bought them about 2 years ago. Ironically, they matched perfectly. I wanted to contrast the lace skirt with something casual. I tried a sweater and it was too bulky, then I tried a plain tee and that was just “ehh.” Standing in my closet, half dressed, I was starting to get frustrated and cold. Then I pulled out a very old Dior graphic tee that happened to be my first purchase on eBay. I put it on with my black leather booties, layered on the arm party and when I checked the mirror it came together nicely.

Why do some items get worn immediately and others just sit there for years? Probably because you’re not sure how to wear it. Challenge yourself and make it work! What’s in your closet with the tags still intact?

Lace Skirt $7.99, Clearance Old Navy • J’Adore Dior T-Shirt $15.00, via eBay • Ellen Tracy Tights $3.25, Clearance via Saks off 5th • Leather Booties $29.99, Nine West via T.J. Maxx • Enamel Flower Ring $3.95, Forever 21 • Black Grommet Bracelet $4.99, Clearance J Crew • Black and Gold Wrap Bracelet $7.90, Forever 21 • Gold Link Bracelet $5.95, H&M from a set of 4 • Vintage Chanel Jumbo Flap, Fabulous eBay Find

*Photography by the incredible Katelyn Calautti


  1. says

    Your skirt is super pretty and I love your tights! Great outfit :) hmmmm I have this cardigan that’s really long that I haven’t worn yet, maybe I should challenge myself and wear it,too!

  2. says

    OMG seamed tights! And a lace skirt! Awesome outfit… I don’t usually have anything with tags still on it in my closet but I have a bunch of unloved items sitting in my refashioning stash, so the problem resonates with me :)

    • Kelly says

      Thank You! Even if the tags are off, if it’s wasting valuable closet space either figure out a way to wear it or sell it/donate it/give it to a friend. Try and give an old piece a new life!


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